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ESCAPE (2020)

min   |   English   |  Wombat Poo Productions  |  Directed by: Thomas "Wombat" Goth-Towney | Produced by: Britney Willis

Sarah is a terminally ill home patient, her sister Emily takes care of her. Sarah is in constant pain and lacks control over her own body, she tries to escape this by playing virtual reality games where she is able to mimic the abilities of interacting with others. Emily, however wants to spend time with her before she passes away, When Dr. Steven comes around to see Sarah, he tells her there may be a possibility of extending her life for a few more weeks with a new treatment, but she declines because she doesn’t believe this quality of life is worth living. Eventually Sarah and Emily have an argument over how she should live the last few weeks of her life. Emily learns to accept that there are no winners in this situation.


DOP and Editor: Jesse Leonard 

First AD: Axell C. Alfaro

Sound: Aanzu Punn, Zakir Khan, Tugan Unal,
& Jacob Stewart

Design: Styliana Barn

First AC: Rebecca Wrigley

Continuity: Jacob Stewart.

Escape Trailer 1
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Actors featured:

Sarah/Sara: Lauren (Giggs) Turner

Emily/Em: Emily (Dash) Bradbury

Barbarian: Zoe Adams

Dr. Steven: Paul Hughes

All press queries contact:

Britney Willis | +61 00 782 500 |

Styliana Barn | +61 10  734  532  |


Above all, I think a film should entertain. If it’s not fun, then why would everyone watch it? You can make the most interesting tutorial on computer engineering in the world, but if it’s not fun, then you’ll probably find that only computer engineers want to watch it. For all the themes, visions, and purpose I could fit in 7 minutes, I knew that above all else, if it didn’t entertain, then no one but my friends and family would ever watch it. For all the ups and downs life brings, there’s always a film you can come back to. I hope this film brings 7 minutes of entertainment to viewers that they otherwise wouldn’t have had, and if they then start thinking about things they wouldn’t have thought of , awesome, maybe I’ve made the world a slightly more thinking place. But as long as they walk away entertained, I’ll be happy with the job I’ve done.


Escape is an example of a great script come to life. This story is special because it explores the struggle of a young woman facing death. It is a realistic representation of how someone may deal with life during such a difficult time. With the clock ticking throughout the script, the protagonist struggles with her reality, ultimately dividing her time between two different lives; One of VR where she is healthy, fit and free, and her reality, a quickly approaching death. 

This is a film based in reality and like reality it deals with the highs and lows that we may all experience. Escape is confronting and thought provoking, making it such a wonderful short film that I’m extremely proud to be a part of. As the producer, I enjoyed being part of the process that brought this film to completion. This film has a meaningful story to tell, and I am glad it was Thomas (Wombat) who told it. it’s going to take the audience on a journey through pain, love, despair, and acceptance.

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