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Thomas "Wombat" Goth-Towney is a Sydney based performer with well-rounded training having completed certification in stunts, acting, and filming, with a credit list to match (link below).



Wombat first started his performing career in stunts, training in martial artist from early high school; he started off with BJJ, and quickly added Thai Kickboxing and MMA to his regular schedule. After almost 5 years of training and competing, he found a different use for his skills. Happening upon a stunt performer while training at a gym, he was instantly hooked. He spent the next decade learning off the industries best, such as Tony Lynch and Kyle Rowling, growing to specialise in fight/weapon sequences. He is currently graded as a Stunt Action Person (SAP) with the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) and an intermediate stage combatant with Australian Stage Combat Association (ASCA).



Wombat began acting shortly after he began formal stunt training. First appearing in a few plays (A Broken Law, Sydney Fringe – 2014, Romeo and Juliet, BESTC – 2014) he decided to take it up full time and auditioned for an acting school. He trained full time at Sydney Theatre School (STS) from 2015-2017, graduating with an advanced diploma after the three years. Over this time, he appeared in many plays and films, including a leading role in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, and filming an appearance on season 5 of RAKE for ABC, which would go on to air the next year.

Since graduating Wombat has gone on to appear in multiple plays, podcasts, a radio series, and many short films.



Wombat first took an interest in directing whilst studying acting at STS. He directed a few short plays, a short film, and a Shakespeare production before graduating from the institute. Since then Wombat has gone on to start his own production company (WPP) and make a dozen odd short films, as well direct a number or staged plays. Wanting to further his filming making abilities, he is currently studying a degree in film making at SAE institute, where he has a high distinction average. Upon completing the degree Wombat hopes to work on WPP full time and finally launch a career which will be over a decade in the making.


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